Dine Out for Charity All Monday’s in March!

This month we are the beneficiaries of Sedona’s Dine Out for Charity on all Mondays in March.  

Their $18.90 Flat Iron Steak is available for $6 and the $17.90 salmon Steak for $10 and a portion of the sales go to support our Training Program for Young Adults with Disabilities.  

It is available all-day Monday from 11am-midnight! (please tip on the regular price).  

It is offered at the West End location (5312 Wyndham Forest Drive, 804-967-3500).  

We are so grateful to continue to receive support from the Richmond restaurant community. So please visit Sedona and thank them for their generosity!

The Positive Vibe Foundation & Max's Positive Vibe Cafe

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