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Positive Vibe Café was founded in 2002 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by the Positive Vibe Foundation (formerly the Get Lost MD Foundation). Unchanged today, the Foundation and Café provide hands-on training and meaningful employment in food services to individuals with physical and developmental disabilities. The Café stands on patrons and volunteers alone. Over half of the Café’s employees are unpaid and, with our patrons, assist an organization that believes in the bright futures of all persons.

Training for Accomplishment

Since 2004, Positive Vibe Café has trained over 1400 students, all with scholarships. The training program aims to prepare students for the work world and includes basic food service skills; is hands-on, builds self-confidence and readies students for real-world employment. Graduates of our training program also acquire skills in cleaning and sanitizing, proper use of kitchen utensils, food safety, commercial dish washing, communication in a work place, interviewing, and job seeking. The program typically lasts four weeks and culminates with a graduation ceremony. Each graduate, in the end, is prepared for job seeking, interviewing and working in the food service industry.

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Positive Vibe Foundation Training Board 2015-2016

Garth Larcen, Executive Director
Monica Flickinger, Community Liason
Beth Conner, Co-Chair: Chesterfield Co. Public Schools
Anna Delandro, Bank of America
Judy Averill, M.S., Chesterfield Co. Public Schools
Franchon Randall, CPA, Ryan & Sharkey, LLP
Chris Welles, Willow Oaks Country Club
Matt Reinaker, Attorney at Law, Asurest
E. Lee Crenshaw, Treasurer, Mobility Supercenter
Pete Walmsley, Regional Sales Director
Craig Fabian, Disability Advocate
Colleen Brooke, Training Program Director: Positive Vibe Foundation


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